Finest leather + shoemaker = Alden!

If you love selvedge denim and follow forums like Superfuture and StyleForum, you’ve probably already heard the shoemaker company, Alden! They are the fine classic shoemaker from New England, and they represent more than a century-old tradition of craftsmanship! My Alden obsession came just a little over a year ago. After reading other forums and blogs for sometimes, I began to appreciate Alden more and more! I’ve learnt a lot from other people, who also love Alden. The fine Horween calf (cowhide) and shell cordovan (horsehide) leathers in light brown shades are just speechless…I went to try them and got my first pair at Unionmade. They carry great goods there. My first pair is the Alden x Unionmade Indy shoes in natural chromexcel leather. When I saw the natural chromexcel leather, I’ve never seen anything quite like it! They go so well with selvedge denim and remain to be my favorite. More importantly, they feel VERY comfy on my feet. There’s nothing I feel more appreciated to wear on my feet than Alden now.

Alden x UM Indy shoes

Alden x J. Crew in tobacco

Alden x J. Crew Longwing bluchers

1st Day with Whiskey Cordovan PTB

405 Indy ready to age

Alden of Carmel AF53 Color 8 Cordovan in early days


My Friday the 13th nightmare: Dry Bones x Self Edge x Superfuture x Styleforum

Here’s my very own Friday the 13th nightmare, Dry Bones x Self Edge x Superfuture x Styleforum SEXDBXSXS12 *^%#€£¥!?!! It sports a super heavyweight 22oz Japanese selvedge unsanforized exclusive fabric by Dry Bones. You can’t find any comfort in this jean but I’m fighting it! I’ll post more review soon. Have a happy obsessing Friday 13th!


Balcony report: Levi’s Vintage Clothing LVC 501 1947

A classic is always a classic. I love Levi’s. The classic ‘v’ arcuate  back pocket and ‘2 horses pulling jeans’ leather patch design that inspired many other brands. The trademark ‘red tab’ with Capital E on vintage 501s is simply classic. I bought this a few months after PBJ (almost 3 years ago). It’s Levi’s Vintage Clothing LVC 501 1947 reproduction. At that time, I found it hard to find LVC around. The Levi’s store in SF downtown didn’t carry them only until recently. I got this at a local shop in Portland called Blake.

This LVC 501 1947 has a very different character comparing to my other Japanese selvedge jeans. The Cone Mills 14 oz fabric feels and looks somewhat stretchy to me. It has a classic slim straight fit with medium-to-high rise. From what I understand, it is the slimmest 501 out of all the classic 501s. Maybe that’s why it feels sooo tight on my thighs! The color is still quite dark, and it doesn’t fade much at all. I wore it regularly for 8-10 months and no wash yet. Later, I found that the Levi’s shop in downtown can do custom embroidery for all your Levi’s jeans. So I got my name embroidered on the top left front pocket and a bit of ‘stars’ on the rear thighs. I think the stars embroidered turned out a little bit much, but they are there now…Check out my fit and detail pics. You can also find more info for all LVC 501s reproduction here. They just launched their official site a few months back.

LVC 501 1947 tagged size 32 current measurement:

Waist = 32″
Thighs = 11″
Knee = 8″
Leg Opening = 7.75″
Front Rise = 11″
Rear Rise = 14.75″
Inseam (Hemmed) = 33.5″

Balcony report: Pure Blue Japan PBJ xx-005

This PBJ xx-005 came right after I got Sugar Cane, so they were in my frequent rotation during the first year. It also has a very nice slim straight fit and a little taper from knee down similarly to SC. When I bought the jean, I believed it is 12.5 oz. Now the xx-005 I see is 14 oz. My favorite part of this jean is the slubby texture. The jean looks so nice when aged. I bought this from Blue in Green NYC, and you can find more info here. Check out the slubbiness pics~~!

PBJ xx-005 tagged size 31 current measurement:

Waist = 32″
Thighs = 11.5″
Knee = 8″
Leg Opening = 7.75″
Front Rise = 9.5″
Rear Rise = 13.25″
Inseam (Hemmed) = 31.5″

Balcony report: Sugar Cane x Self Edge sexsc02

Here’s my no.1 favorite jeans, a collaboration between Sugar Cane and Self Edge, the SEXSC02! You can find more info on SE site here. The jean is a low-rise slim cut, 14.5 oz Japanese selvedge denim w/ ostrich leather patch. It’s the second pair of selvedge denim I bought 3 years ago. The fitting and fading of this jean is just WOW! I love everything about this jean. I wore this almost everyday for the first year. It’s only been washed once. Although other jeans are in my rotation right now, the current fading of this SC is just great! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Thank you Self Edge for all the great jeans!

SC x SE  SEXSC02 tagged size 32 current measurement:

Waist = 33″
Thighs = 11.25″
Knee = 8″
Leg Opening = 7.75″
Front Rise = 9.5″
Rear Rise = 13.5″
Inseam (Hemmed) = 32.5″

Greetings obsessing world!

SC SEXSC02, LVC 501 47, PBJ xx-005

After I’ve been so obsessed with classic style clothing for many years, I’ve decided to create a blog to share my love for selvedge denim, leather shoes, silver sterling accessories, and many more. More than 3 years ago, I bought my first pair of selvedge denim. It was the Imperial jeans from Self Edge, and I’ve been obsessed with raw denim ever since. If you love denim, you knew that different jeans create different characters and fading. I want to share my experience for the jeans I’ve owned and seen. The pics above are the 3 of my favorites: (From left to right) Sugar cane x Self edge SEXSC02, Levi’s Vintage Clothing LVC 501 1947 reproduction, and Pure Blue Japan (also called PBJ) xx-005. I’ll post some more fit pics soon.

Thank you for viewing if you came across my blog. Have a happy obsessing life!

Levi's Vintage Clothing LVC 501 1947

Sugar cane SEXSC02

Pure Blue Japan PBJ xx-005