Happy Friday! Alden LSxSE boots

It’s a happy Friday today! I can never feel better and can’t wait to share with everyone. I woke up and these boots were delivered to my door! Alden x Leather Soul x Self Edge collaboration boots! I always wanted a pair of Alden x LeatherSoul, but every time they posted their new arrivals, they always seem to be pre-ordered and almost sold out. Finally, my savings allowed me to order this limited pair in time. These are my first Alden with Goodyear sole. I always love the natural chromexcel leather, and these boots turned out great together! Unionmade also did a great collaboration of bison leather boots w/ Goodyear sole over a year ago (some pics from another great Alden blog HERE), but they were sold out fairly quickly. Anyway, they are 2 different boots but similar construction. Enough said! please enjoy the pics of these great boots! Thank you Leather Soul x Self Edge for great collaboration. Have a great obsessing weekend!


Lonesome Valentine w/ AF53 Color 8


I have nothing much better to do but to share my love for Alden cordovan color#8. The crease and aging are starting to come nicely! Have a blessed Valentine’s day to all!

Finest leather + shoemaker = Alden!

If you love selvedge denim and follow forums like Superfuture and StyleForum, you’ve probably already heard the shoemaker company, Alden! They are the fine classic shoemaker from New England, and they┬árepresent more than a century-old tradition of craftsmanship! My Alden obsession came just a little over a year ago. After reading other forums and blogs for sometimes, I began to appreciate Alden more and more! I’ve learnt a lot from other people, who also love Alden. The fine Horween calf (cowhide) and shell cordovan (horsehide) leathers in light brown shades are just speechless…I went to try them and got my first pair at Unionmade. They carry great goods there. My first pair is the Alden x Unionmade Indy shoes in natural chromexcel leather. When I saw the natural chromexcel leather, I’ve never seen anything quite like it! They go so well with selvedge denim and remain to be my favorite. More importantly, they feel VERY comfy on my feet. There’s nothing I feel more appreciated to wear on my feet than Alden now.

Alden x UM Indy shoes

Alden x J. Crew in tobacco

Alden x J. Crew Longwing bluchers

1st Day with Whiskey Cordovan PTB

405 Indy ready to age

Alden of Carmel AF53 Color 8 Cordovan in early days